What to Do If You Lose Your Hearing Aids


What to Do if You Lose Your Hearing Aids


We’ve all experienced that nagging feeling that we’re forgetting something, but it may not come to us right away. Did I forget to turn off the stove? Did I close the garage? Wait – why does everything sound so quiet all of a sudden?

Like all small things in our life, our hearing aids are easily misplaced. These days, hearing aids are smaller than ever – a discreet and sleek design that we appreciate as hearing aid wearers. However, this means they may be easier to forget about or lose.

You know best the immeasurable power of hearing aids: they connect you to sounds you were once missing, and they reconnect you to your passions and the people you love. While hearing aids do take some getting used to when you first put them in, they become an integral part of your daily life over time.

Here at Hearing Aid Associates, we know the value and investment of your hearing aids – which is why misplacing or losing them can be a cause of alarm. We understand this can be a frustrating experience, but the best thing to do is to take a breath and cool down. Here we provide you with some tips for the (fingers crossed – unlikely!) circumstance that you do lose your hearing aids.


First Things First: Retrace Your Steps!


If you’ve grown used to wearing hearing aids, it is unlikely that you’ll go very far without them before you notice you don’t have them in. Most people tend to misplace or lose things during the day when something out-of-the-ordinary happens.

Did something come up during your daily schedule that doesn’t normally happen? Did you have to rush from the gym to go pick up your child? Did you rush out of the house in the morning and forget to put your aids in?

Think back on the past few hours of your day. When did you first notice that you were not hearing as clearly? Chances are, you’ll be able to retrace your steps to the place where you last had your hearing aids.


Ask for Help


Enlist the help of your family members or loved ones to help you track down your hearing aids. Without your hearing aids, communication may become a challenge. If you have to call the gym or the restaurant you were at to ask about your hearing aids in their lost-and-found, you may want to have someone with normal hearing to help you.

In the meantime, you should also give us a call at Hearing Aid Associates. There may be a good chance that your hearing aids are covered by the manufacturer for a one-time loss or damage in the first year. We’ll be able to give you more information on your particular hearing aids and help you figure out the next steps.

If you have insurance for your hearing aids, you’ll also want to give your company a call. Ask them about the process for hearing aid replacement and reimbursement.


Prevention: How to Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe!


Losing hearing aids can be a very frustrating and challenging experience. We understand that your hearing aids are a crucial part of your day, connecting you to the world around you. We know they play an integral part in your daily life, from communicating with your colleagues to keeping you alert in your environment.

Preventing the loss of your hearing aids requires little effort, but it goes a long way! Many of our clients are active people. We recommend that if you are removing your hearing aids for athletics, such as hiking, running, or swimming, place them in a safe, dry, and cool place. Avoid keeping your aids in the glove compartment of a car, or the locker room in a gym (these places may reach high temperatures and moisture could harm your aids).

If you keep your aids in your ears during exercise, consider investing in hearing aid clips. These ensure that your aids are secure during activity.

Hearing aids should securely sit in your ears, with a snug fit. If you’ve noticed that your earmolds and hearing aids have become loose and are slipping around, contact us immediately at Hearing Aid Associates for a refitting. A sign that your hearing aids are loose may be that irritating buzzing or whistling noise of feedback. Re-fitting your hearing aids ensures that they will be secure.

As hearing aids are an important part of your day, stick to a regular schedule when taking them out, cleaning them, recharging them, and storing them at night. Placing them in a safe place will ensure that they’ll be there in the morning!


If you have any questions about hearing aid care or maintenance, feel free to contact us at Hearing Aid Associates!



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