A Link Between Hearing Loss & Cardiovascular Disease

A Link Between Hearing Loss & Cardiovascular Disease

The interconnectedness of the human body is a source of constant amazement and research for doctors and scientists alike. Some of these links are more intuitive, such as the connection between the lungs and the heart. The lungs collect oxygen, and it is transported to the heart where it can be sent throughout the body. Yet some of the more … Read More

Protect Your Family’s Hearing This 4th of July

Protect Your Family’s Hearing This 4th of July

In the United States the Fourth of July is celebrated each year to honor the year, 1776, when early Americans won their independence from the British colonial empire. On July 4th of that year, the United States formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, which recognized that the 13 colonies were no longer a part of the British Empire. Americans celebrate … Read More

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids      

Here in Delaware, we welcome the summer months with joy. As temperatures begin to rise, it’s not just your AC that needs careful maintenance! During these hot summers months, your hearing aids will be just as important when it comes to enjoying yourself in the outdoors. However, it is important to provide proper care and protection for your hearing aids, … Read More

Improve family communication by treating hearing loss

If a family member is having trouble with hearing loss you owe it to yourself and your family to find out what can be done to help. Communication holds the family unit together and when one member can’t communicate it causes all sorts of problems. Hearing Aid Associates is a family practice with 30 years of experience – we know … Read More

Loud Movies & Noise-Induced Hearing Loss   

Hearing loss comes upon us in a myriad of ways. It often is simply a result of the natural aging process. However, a lifetime of exposure to too-loud noise also takes its toll. This sort of ongoing, degenerative damage is called Noise Induced Hearing Loss and the reach of this condition is expected to grow as our society remains plugged … Read More

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month: Better Communication at the Gym

We don’t picture the gym as the most important place for verbal communication. In fact, most folks walk around with their headphones in never speaking to another person during their entire visit. But a fitness class is actually one of the most important places to have clear and effective communication strategies in place. Often, participants are asked to put great … Read More

A Possible Link Between Exercise & Reduced Risk for Hearing Loss

You’d be hard pressed to find a medical professional who didn’t recommend regular exercise as one of the keys to lasting health. Exercising helps us build and maintain muscle and stamina, and prevents cardiovascular disease and a host of other health risks. Now, scientists are learning it may also improve our hearing. To get the advantage of exercise to your … Read More

How Noise Pollution in Your Neighborhood Could Affect Your Hearing

What do you hear when you open your windows? With Spring comes new reminders that noise can be found everywhere. From fresh construction starting up, to more outdoor activities in the streets, sound permeates our neighborhoods in the Spring – do you know how to recognize when it becomes too loud? What Is Noise Pollution? Our sense of hearing has … Read More

Monitoring Your Daily Exposure to Noise

Hearing Aid Associates - Monitoring Your Daily Exposure to Noise

In a world that keeps getting louder, noise exposure is a big issue. Workplace noise exposure has long been recognized as a health concern and regulated to protect workers from hearing loss. More and more, dangerous noise levels are present in our everyday lives, off the job. So how do we make sure the noise pollution in our everyday environment … Read More

Myths about Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Associates - Myths about Hearing Loss

There are a lot of misconceptions about hearing loss and the treatment of hearing loss. At Hearing Loss Associates, we are committed to helping you work your way through the myths and lay out your treatment options so you can get busy enjoying life! Here are some common myths and the reality checks that go with them: The most updated … Read More