Free Hearing Test

Free Hearing Test for Residents of Rehoboth Beach DE, Millsboro DE and Surrounding Areas

Is understanding conversations from across the room difficult for you? Do you have to strain to hear what others are saying? Do their voices sound muffled to you? If you are experiencing these or other symptoms of hearing loss, schedule a free hearing test from Hearing Aid Associates in Millsboro DE.

We’ve proudly served southeastern Delaware, including nearby Rehoboth Beach DE, with hearing services for more than 30 years. Each hearing test is completed by licensed hearing specialists and our certified audiologist, Matthew Favinger, M.S., F-AAA. Our staff treats each patient with the greatest care and is ready to answer any of your questions.

When should I schedule a hearing test?

Hearing tests help diagnose if a patient is suffering from hearing loss, and are used to pinpoint the underlying cause of hearing loss. Individuals should come in for a hearing test if they are:

  • Hearing ringing in their ears
  • Having difficulty understanding what is being said in a conversation with two or more people
  • Needing to turn the volume higher than normal for their television, phone, etc.
  • Retracting or avoiding social settings, embarrassed by an inability to hear adequately

Hearing Aid Associates offers several hearing tests to determine the degree of your hearing loss. From there we will decide what hearing assistance devices will be best suited for you and your lifestyle. Our free hearing tests are non-invasive and test each part of your ear to find the source of the problem (see Types & Causes of Hearing Loss for more information).

Delaware Hearing Test Location and Hearing Assistance Devices

Schedule your no-obligation, hearing aid test with Hearing Aid Associates! Come to our practice as well for inexpensive hearing aids and hearing aid assistance. We supply brands such as Siemens, Oticon, Starkey hearing aids and more, so that you get the best hearing assistance devices at the best price.

Contact our audiology practice at Hearing Aid Associates today for your free hearing test near Rehoboth Beach and Millsboro DE.