Oticon Hearing Aids

Founded in 1904, Oticon is the oldest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. With this abundant experience, Oticon has become a leader in research and innovation for hearing solutions. Oticon tackles the problem of hearing loss from many angles; while driven by their “people first” mission, Oticon also considers the scientific dimension that surround hearing loss.

Oticon Inium and Brain Hearing

With the understanding that hearing happens in the brain, Oticon has pioneered BrainHearing technology through their research institute, Ericksholm. When sound waves are received and amplified by the ears, they are translated into neural signals to be processed and registered as sound by the brain. Oticon’s hearing aids are equipped with BrainHearing technology, processors that assist the brain in hearing the sounds from the wearer’s environment. Sound waves are sent to the brain after being processed by Oticon’s Inium system to provide a clearer signal. With hearing loss, often times the brain suffers a heavy cognitive load when attempting to discern difficult messages and Oticon’s BrainHearing technology significantly lightens this load.

More About Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon also focuses on the realities of living with hearing loss, especially when it comes to the experience of situating oneself in different environments. Their hearing aids are equipped with features that enhance speech recognition and provide wearers with a better sense of the context of their surroundings.

The Speech Guard E feature improves speech recognition in challenging situations where conversations are difficult to discern, especially in cross conversations with multiple speakers. Simultaneously, the Spatial Sound feature simulates a binaural hearing experience that improves the wearer’s spatial awareness. The flexibility of the FreeFocus feature allows wearers to focus on specific sound stimulus in their environment, while automatically filtering out irrelevant background noise. As fully digital devices, Oticon hearing aids offer YouMatic, a program that activates the wearer’s personal adjustments in a given surrounding, thereby providing a seamless listening experience.

Oticon hearing aids treat hearing loss of varying degrees, from mild to profound. They are also leaders in pediatric hearing treatment. Oticon hearing aids models, such as the Alta, Nera, and Ria, come in a range of styles: behind-the-ear, receiver-in-the ear, mini receiver-in-the-ear, invisible-in-canal, completely-in-canal, in-the-canal, and in-the-ear. With this host of options, Oticon hearing aids are customizable to meet the specific hearing and aesthetic needs of the wearer. Additionally, Oticon offers tinnitus treatment with ocean and nature sound therapy features which ease the symptoms of tinnitus.

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As a wireless device, Oticon hearing aids are adjustable using apps to control program features and volume. This discreet feature is preferred among people who lead active lifestyles and appreciate ease of access and seamlessness in their listening experience and daily life. Oticon’s research and development is founded upon the feedback and critique of people who are living with hearing loss. Their hearing aids are designed to address the lifestyle needs of the wearers. As a result, the people-focused designs and innovations of Oticon are constantly being re-invented with the latest technological advancements and the constantly evolving accessibility options in line with contemporary digital technology. With Oticon hearing aids, wearers will be rest assured that their brain processes are being actively engaged to provide the best possible listening experience.

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