Earwax and Healthy Hearing


Earwax: sticky, gooey, not always welcome. But did you know that this waxy stuff, also known as cerumen, has protective properties which are beneficial to our hearing? Here are 7 facts you may not know about this strange yet important substance. Your outer ear could become itchy and flaky without this emollient substance which seals in moisture and acts as … Read More

What are the Different Kinds of Hearing Loss?


Hearing loss is a growing problem in the United States. Though it is still most common among the elderly, it is becoming increasingly prevalent among younger populations as well. Fortunately, this condition is often treatable with hearing aids, and some types of hearing loss are even preventable. Let’s take a look at the three main types of hearing loss, and … Read More

Could Modern Life Lead to Hearing Loss?


Hearing loss is a problem we often associate with old age, and in our youth, we tend to take our hearing for granted. But statistics show that hearing damage is becoming more prevalent among the young and old alike–in fact, it is the third most common health concern in America today. As more and more people in their thirties visit … Read More

How to Communicate Your Hearing Loss with Others


Living with hearing loss is surprisingly common: it is reported that about 20 percent of Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Yet, it is still possible to feel alone with this condition, commonly called “the invisible disability.” Hearing loss is not immediately apparent to others, which can lead to frustration when they have to repeat themselves. Hearing aids … Read More

6 Benefits of Using Hearing Aids


Hearing loss is the third most common health condition in the United States, according to the American Academy of Audiology. By the time Americans reach their seventies, about two thirds have hearing loss, but this condition also affects young people–about 15 percent of school age children have some degree of hearing damage. Yet, only 20 percent of those who need … Read More

Tips for Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Associates - Tips for Choosing Hearing Aids

If you are considering buying a hearing aid, congratulations! You are taking the first step towards improved hearing and a happier, healthier life. Being able to communicate and understand others is a necessity, not only for developing and maintaining relationships but also for navigating through the world safely. But buying hearing aids for the first time can be a challenge, … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Associates - Dos and Donts of Wearing Hearing Aids

If you’re a hearing aid wearer, then you know how life-changing they are! Hearing aids connect you to the world around you, and your loved ones. Among the many benefits of hearing aids, they have been found to lower the potential risk of dementia, help your interpersonal relationships, and even contribute to your earning power in the workplace. As such, … Read More

All about Tinnitus: Part 3 – Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Hearing Aid Assoc - All About Tinnitus- Part 3 - Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

All about Tinnitus: Part 3 – Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus Last time, we explored the experience of tinnitus and the causes and types. If you are experiencing on-going tinnitus, it is important to visit a hearing specialist to treat the condition. Though hearing specialists have not identified a definitive cure for tinnitus, there are treatment options available in the form … Read More

All About Tinnitus: Part 2 – Identifying and Treating Tinnitus

All About Tinnitus-Part 2 - Identifying Treating Tinnitus

All About Tinnitus: Part 2 – Identifying and Treating Tinnitus This is the second in a three-part series about tinnitus. In part one, we discussed what tinnitus is, and its prevalence and causes. This time, we’ll learn about how tinnitus is identified and treated.   Relationship of Tinnitus to Hearing Loss Our hearing happens in the brain – not the ears … Read More