7 Signs You May Need a Hearing Test


Your ability to hear is critical to how you understand the world around you, yet sometimes it can be hard to tell when something is awry. After all, it’s like the conundrum, “How do you know what you don’t know?” – how can you be aware of what you aren’t hearing? Luckily, there are signs to watch for that can … Read More

Getting Through Business Meetings with Hearing Loss


If you experience hearing loss, business meetings can be a particularly daunting task. Trying to keep up with conversation, ensure you don’t miss any key points and participating in a proactive way can combine to make for a seriously exhausting experience! In fact, hearing loss and reduced work performance has been cited as a major issue for healthcare around the … Read More

Tips for Parents and Grandparents with Hearing Loss


Spending time with little ones can be a truly joyful experience. Their inquisitiveness about the world around them and their inherent vulnerability are part of what makes time spent together so powerful. That said, an adult with hearing loss interacting with children or grandchildren can find these very qualities to be quite stressful. Here are a few tips to help … Read More

Are You a Super Fan? Don’t Forget to Protect Your Hearing!


Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd! Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack – and earplugs! Are you a super sports fan with season tickets? Would it be unthinkable to miss a game? Even if you’re a fan but only occasionally make it to the stadium, listen up! Though supporting your team with … Read More

Making the Connection: How Hearing Aids Change Lives


People are naturally social creatures. We like going out with friends, grabbing drinks after work, enjoying date night in a classy restaurant, or seeing the latest blockbuster in the theatre, the crowd around us buzzing with excitement. With hearing loss, these everyday social activities become a source of anxiety, and we find ourselves preferring to stay home rather than appreciating … Read More

Strange Causes of Hearing Loss


What causes hearing loss? Most of us think we know the answer – after all, it’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s either age or exposure to loud noise. Loud jobsites and recreational activities are the main sites of exposure to noise that could lead to hearing loss. Gun shots, jet engines, jack hammers, and rock concerts are all notoriously loud. You’ve … Read More

The Effect of Hearing Loss on Relationships

Hearing loss has many consequences that reach far beyond missing some high frequency sounds like the birds chirping outside or the grandkids playing downstairs. It impacts your ability to talk on the phone or follow conversations in noisy environments. Those with hearing loss often report feelings of social isolation, withdraw from social situations, and struggle with anxiety over meeting new … Read More

When to Update Your Hearing Aids


When to Update Your Hearing Aids   For people who wear hearing aids, you know how hard your devices work! They accompany you throughout your day, day in and day out. Today’s hearing aids are undeniably sophisticated electronics: they are jam-packed with features to amplify sound and provide you access to the world around you. If you’ve been wearing hearing … Read More

New Study Reveals that 1 in 8 Workers Has a Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Associates - New Study Reveals that 1 in 8 Workers Has a Hearing Loss

Think about your work day – did you ask your colleagues to repeat themselves? Did you have to shout to be heard? Did your ears hurt or did you experience brief gaps in hearing clearly on your way home from work? All of these signs could indicate that you work in a loud environment. If you work in an ostensibly … Read More

Tips for Driving with Hearing Loss


For the average American, hopping behind the wheel is something we take for granted, but driving safely is extremely important to your own well-being as well as those around you. While you might not think twice about driving to the supermarket to pick up a few things for dinner, for someone with hearing loss driving safely can be a challenge. … Read More